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Hi, I'm Gurpreet Singh, I like creating and using specialized tools for making development processes as efficient as possible. I have the experience to work with big projects and big development teams.

Gurpreet Singh

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    7 ways to make your website more accessible and sustainable

    We often talk about sustainability and try to decrease our CO₂ footprints by driving eco-friendly cars, going vegan, etc....

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    How to secure a Raspberry Pi on your network

    If you are planning to expose your RaspberryPi over the internet, you should consider these security guidelines....

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    Top 5 ways to structure a frontend project

    While working on the open-source projects you get very little chance to structure the project, but you still can set some guidelines upfront and stick to them....

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  1. Day 6 (last) - Your first week in NodeJS

    During the course of this series, we have already developed a Node.js application that can be deployed on the cloud.

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  2. Day 5 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I explained how to implement a template engine to get dynamic variables into your HTML file.

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  3. Day 4 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe by now you are already comfortable with core modules of Node.js and have created your own RESTFul API service.

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  4. Day 3 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe you have already read my previous article where I explained, how to spin up a Node.js server instance

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