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  • Top 5 ways to structure a frontend project

    While working on the open-source projects you get very little chance to structure the project, but you still can set some guidelines upfront and stick to them.
  • I don't know JavaScript but ReactJS

    Isn’t it weird to witness such a scenario where someone can code the ReactJS component but when you ask them to bind an onClick event in Vanilla JavaScript they can’t?
  • GitHub Copilot - Future of Programming?

    There were a couple of questions that came to my mind when I saw this first. In this article, I’ll go through an example of the Copilot peer programming plugin for VSCode.
  • My React Stack for 2021

    My ReactJS tech stack in which you might be interested. I will showcase what options are available in the market to start on a ReactJS based application.
  • Do we really need class components anymore?

    ReactJS is a mature enough library that becomes the first choice for developers. When ReactJS got launched it had a strong concept of class components.
  • Can we use Google services without compromising privacy?

    Over the period of time, people are aware of what internet privacy is and why it is important.
  • How I explained Web designing to my Grandmother

    I would like to share a question that I often asked my grandmother, “What are you doing on this laptop?”. I am sure it is difficult for you also to explain what is web designing to your grandparents.