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  • Top 5 ways to structure a frontend project

    While working on the open-source projects you get very little chance to structure the project, but you still can set some guidelines upfront and stick to them.
  • Day 6 (last) - Your first week in NodeJS

    During the course of this series, we have already developed a Node.js application that can be deployed on the cloud.
  • Day 5 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I explained how to implement a template engine to get dynamic variables into your HTML file.
  • Day 4 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe by now you are already comfortable with core modules of Node.js and have created your own RESTFul API service.
  • Day 3 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe you have already read my previous article where I explained, how to spin up a Node.js server instance
  • Day 2 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe you have already read my previous article where I explained, the basics of Node.js, from creating custom modules, event handling, and file read/write operations.
  • Day 1 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe you know something about Node.js before starting this course, just to refresh your memory. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime, built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.
  • How to write short JavaScript code?

    We have been writing JavaScript for quite a while now, I know some of you have never used short syntax JavaScript statements for example if/else vs. ternary statement.
  • CORS in NextJS

    Setting up CORS is always a challenge for people who are not really from server-side application backgrounds. Luckily it wasn’t the case for me, but Vercel.
  • PiHole on Docker

    This article is my follow-up article to Up and running with RaspberryPi with Docker. In the previous article, I showed how you can configure docker and docker-compose on your RaspberryPi.
  • Up and running with RaspberryPi with Docker

    How to configure RaspberryPi with docker and docker-compose. I am personally using it for my local hone projects where I can run these projects without interfering RaspbianOS image.
  • Aria is not my thing

  • Node.js Login Service (express.js + passport)

    These days I often see developers struggle or invest too much time to create proper authorization modules in their Node.js based applications.
  • Express.js + EJS complete solution

    People who have less time to invest and are familiar with the Handlebar template engine can quickly set up their website.
  • My first Strapi project experience

    When I was looking for some NodeJS based powerful CMS I found Strapi as a good example since it is not only popular these days but comes with nearly zero bootstrap footprints.
  • Host your Strapi project

    In this article, I will walk you through the Strapi CMS setup on your local machine followed by deploying it to Heroku.
  • Are you logging your NodeJS code?

    Logs are an essential part of an application, it provides you deep level access of output comes from user inputs. When the application is in production
  • Responsive vs. Adaptive Design

    One of the regular topics which usually comes in every discussion before starting a website is actually a bit confusing too.